Monday, September 28, 2009

Meeting of the Models - The calendar takes off!

Hello Everyone!
As September draws to a close, my family is happy to have celebrated another round of birthdays, including my own...  I'd like to say I am 29 (again) but for the first time, I am not concerned about turning another year older.  37 came with great pleasure this year and I plan to take each year with the same enthusiasm (well, that is the PLAN anyway!) 
Thank you to everyone who inquired about being in the calendar - all of the months are now spoken for but I have kept all of the contact details of those who are interested for next year's edition!

I am priviledged to be able to meet with the 11 other courageous women this week, along with our photographer Jen and the Look Good, Feel Better make-up and hair volunteers and really kick-off this project.  The planning has taken some time but we want this to be a huge success!

On a personal note, I will begin 5 weeks of daily radiation treatments at Princess Margaret Hospital starting on Oct 5th (ending Nov 9th) so my time will be a bit tight over the coming weeks. I will still keep up with the blog and any developments so please keep posting!  I look forward to the end of my personal fight with cancer and the next chapter of my life beginning.  The last 7 months have been intense, to say the least.  Some days good, some days not so good but all of it meaningful. 

I'm glad to hear that this project has inspired so many of you and I take great comfort in knowing that my cancer journey will not be in vain. If I can help even one person get through their own journey, it will all have been worth it.

Be well everyone, be strong and show your face of courage.

Stay tuned for more updates....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look Good, Feel Better Volunteers to provide Make-up for models!

I'm pleased to announce that Volunteers from the Look Good, Feel Better program in Newmarket will be donating their time to provide the make-up for our models for their photoshoots!
An update on hair salon(s) will follow shortly.

Welcome Look Good, Feel Better to our fundraising adventure!  We're very excited to have you on board!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Faces of Courage - Breast Cancer Survivors Calendar

When I first heard the words "you have breast cancer", a hundred thoughts flashed through my mind. One of them said to me "this can't be in vain". I knew from the beginning of this journey that there was a reason this was happening to me and I needed to do something with this experience.
I heard about a woman in Windsor who created a calendar of breast cancer survivors to support her local hospital. She was able to raise $80,000 for new mammography equipment. She inspired me.
Faces of Courage is the depiction of breast cancer survivors using black and white photography to capture each woman's experience. It is not a compilation of boudoir poses nor is it meant to be sexy. Each woman will be portrayed in her own light, as she is comfortable, in a beautifully artistic way.
I invite you to share this journey with me, my photographer, Jen Van der Vecht ( and 11 other women as we build the calendar and raise some huge funds for Southlake Regional Health Center - Regional Cancer Program.
The goal is to raise $40,000 (to start!) which will go directly to the Regional Cancer Program.
Stay tuned as we start the photo shoots!