Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thank you for all your support...

Canada Day at Fairy Lake was a great success... a big thank you to everyone who purchased a calendar or daytimer in support of our project and received a Free Family Portrait with Jen van der Vecht Photography.

If you have not yet received your portrait via email, please contact Jen directly to inquire. There were one or two email addresses which did not work properly... :(


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keep those orders coming!!

After a successful Canada Day booth ($680 raised!),  the festivals have slowed for the rest of the summer, not to mention we all need a bit of a holiday! :-)
Collectively, we are nearing the $15,000 mark for monies raised, which is an awesome start to the sales cycle!

I'm personally looking forward to a couple of weeks away with my family for our annual camping trip - especially because my husband can't get a cell phone reception up on Georgian Bay! ha!

Keep those orders coming over the summer - there will always been someone watching over the email address and we hope that sales won't slow too much.

Stay tuned for our fall plans where sales will ramp up and we'll be taking full advantage of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Have a great summer!